Image Description: this bust photo shows Seth Goldwasser. He short black hair, brown eyes, a beard, and is wearing square full-rimmed glasses. He is also wearing a black shirt underneath a blue, green, and red flannel shirt. 

I have a Doctorate in Philosophy from University of Pittsburgh's Philosophy Department. I am also a Graduate Student Trainee at the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC), University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University’s joint neuroscience research and education program. Prior to coming to Pitt, I received my BA in Philosophy from Auburn University (where I benefited greatly from Eric Marcus's mentorship) after transferring from Winthrop University

I work primarily on mental action, memory, and imagination. I also have interests in epistemic injustice as well as biological normativity and function. 

My dissertation focuses on skillful mental action, proposing that the activity of constructing representations in imagining is skillful and that mnemic processing that results in declarative remembering is an extension of this skillful activity. I pursued this research under the mentorship of Colin Allen, Robert Brandom, Kate Hazel Stanton (see also), and Wayne Wu.

Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Action; especially relating to mental action and skilled action

Philosophy of Mind; especially relating to memory and imagination 

Philosophy of Biology; especially relating to function and cancer biology

Philosophy of Cognitive Science; especially relating to the science of memory

Areas of Competence

Normative and Applied Ethics, including ethics of emerging technology


Philosophy of Science


Social Epistemology